Toned Records is an independent record label specializing in helping gifted musicians become successful recording artists and performers. With decades of experience in the music and entertainment industry, our team knows what it takes to build a successful music career.

The advantages of working with Toned Records are many. No matter where an artist is in the development of their career, we offer options for aspiring artists that are unparalleled in the industry. Our team works closely with artists to develop their talent and market their music. The services and training we offer are customized for each individual artist for maximum benefit. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Artist Management: Toned Records is always on the lookout for the next breakout star. Whether it’s getting booked for gigs; auditioning for TV shows, commercials or modeling jobs; or marketing and branding your name, our industry experience can make things happen.

Vocal Training: Our vocal coaches are experienced performers who know how to bring out the best in artists. Whether you sing pop, rock, soul, Broadway, or other genres of music, you will learn skills that develop your individual strengths.

Live Performance Training: Artists can improve their live performance and stage skills by receiving instruction from experienced performers. Poor performance skills can drastically slow down career growth.

Marketing: Our team of social media experts has the expertise to help build your business through social media networks, which is the best way to grow a large fan base.

Website Design and Management: We have professional web designers that can help artists create, manage and update their own websites. Artists should be focused on improving their craft, not spending their time updating websites.

Music Publishing: Whether an artist is recording original songs or cover tunes, we can help protect their original music from theft and license cover songs legally. Plus, we can help get your music on iTunes, Spotify, and many other online music distributors, as well as get radio play on digital radio stations.

Music Production: Creating and mixing high quality music for a demo, cover, or complete album is what we do. Turning out Toned Records-worthy hit singles is what it’s all about.

Video Production: The main focus of our video production service is to create professional music videos at a low price for artists. Gaining a fan base through social media marketing and the distribution of quality music videos is a major factor when it comes to building a successful music career.

Photography: High quality photos are a vital ingredient in the successful marketing of an artist’s brand. We can help artists with all of their photography needs.

Sales: We offer professional services to help drive music sales – from radio play to iTunes to worldwide music distribution.