Getting Signed by a Major Record Label

You’re a singer with some catchy original tunes and think you’ve got what it takes to get signed by a major record label. So what’s your next step? An extremely small number of music artists will get discovered by chance, but for most artists the only way to build a successful music career is by a creating a buzz for their music. Major record companies won’t take an artist seriously until they’ve built a large following of fans.

Build a Large Local Following

Building a large local following is only possible if you’re performing live shows in your area, and the more the better. The shows must be polished, professional, and well-rehearsed. Sitting on a stool while you’re strumming a guitar and singing one slow song after the other is usually not the best way to get a crowd excited. And to create a buzz, the crowd has to get excited. Plan your show out carefully to ensure it’s worth more than the price of a ticket.

Building a Local Following and a Large Fan BaseOnce you’ve gotten the attention of a major label they may want to see you perform live. If you can pack a venue with a large following of excited fans it’ll give the record label execs an idea of your potential fan base on an international scale. But if the room is only half full and the crowd is lifeless, the labels probably won’t be very impressed. If you can’t attract a good audience, why would anyone want to sign you?

Can You Handle the Rigors of Touring?

Record companies are looking for an artist or live band that will make them money for a long time. And since touring is a major component of getting an artist’s music out to the world, you’ll need to tour if you expect to be ultra-successful. The problem is that some artists and bands have a very difficult time with a life on the road. Put your own tour together before talking with a major label to make sure you can handle the rigors of touring.

Sign First with an Independent Label

If you, as a solo artist or a band, have not sold albums on an independent record label before signing with a major record company, the majors will usually want to take over creative control of your music and your brand. You can pretty much kiss your artistic vision goodbye if you can’t show them that your music is selling records. An independent company can get your music out to the masses through radio play, touring, online music distribution, and other ways, helping build a fan base and music sales while fine-tuning your skills.

Purchase Advertising and Get Noticed

It’s possible to get noticed by a record label by purchasing advertisements for you or your band in the same magazines or on the same websites where the labels advertise. Since record labels are always placing ads to promote their artists, when they check their ad placements they are likely to see your advertisements as well, causing them to wonder who you are. And when they see you’re not signed yet, it might spark enough interest to get them to contact you.

There are millions of artists and bands all looking for the same thing, to get discovered and signed to a major record deal. However, until you’ve built up a buzz about your music, and until you’ve built up a sizeable fan base, the chances of getting noticed by a major label is slim. Start by signing with an independent record label like Toned Records. Then, once you’ve created a large following, the chances of being signed by a major record label will increase exponentially.