Introducing Toned Records

Toned Records Independent Record LabelThroughout history major record labels have dominated the music scene. The dreams of singers, bands and musical groups were dependent upon a small group of music moguls. Thanks to the impact of the internet, music artists are no longer at the mercy of a select few. Through independent labels like Toned Records, artists can now operate on the same playing field as the big boys.

In today’s world, promotional media is open to anyone, giving a voice to those who would otherwise go unnoticed. Toned Records was created by an eclectic mix of creative, musical performers and experienced business heads, all coming together to form a record label whose mission is to bring fresh, new, musical talent to the forefront of an ever-diversifying society of music lovers.

Distribute Your Music to the World

Toned Records goes far beyond recording and promoting, but offers training and development of young, cutting edge artists who refuse to be ignored. The company sets itself apart from other labels by not going for the “quick dollar.” TR works side by side with gifted artists to fine tune their talents and distribute their music to the world.

Why Sign with Toned Records?

Toned Records has an advantage over major labels because they do not need to rely on mass sales for success. This gives music artists more room for expression, experimentation, and artistic freedom, which can lead to greater satisfaction and success.

Toned Records offers many benefits that major labels don’t, benefits that are often more important to the artist. They are not pressured by a snobbish board of directors to sign a specific sound or look, but only sign artists they believe in. Working with music artists one-on-one leads to close, personal relationships, which in turn allows the artists to create music that matches their vision.

The Toned Record Label knows no boundaries. With a team of experienced professionals ready to provide everything necessary for success – song writers, vocal instructors, music producers, creative collaboration, photo shoots, live performance instruction, video production, promoters, publicity, radio play, live tours, social media marketers, online music distribution networks, and more – we put the muscle behind your music.